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GB WhatsApp Pro Download APK Latest Version 2024 | Official, New Updated in July

Version: V17.85 Size: 70.3MB | Official Web:

GB WhatsApp Pro

GB WhatsApp Pro Download — Say hello to GB WhatsApp Pro! As one of the original WA Mods, GB WhatsApp Pro recently unveiled a new version. Serving as an advanced alternative to the original WA, the GB WhatsApp Pro latest version inherits the style of end-to-end encrypted communication from the original WA. At the same time, it breaks various limitations introduced by the original WA Mods and introduces many exclusive features, such as Ghost Mode, eliminating user privacy tracking, diverse emojis, and more. The impressive performance in terms of features makes GB WhatsApp Pro 2024 stand out, attracting more and more users’ attention. This article gathers questions that users often have about GB WhatsApp Pro, including its version features, a summary of the differences between it and the original WA, and its unique features. Additionally, you can find how to easily and quickly download and update GB WhatsApp Pro in this article. If you are also seeking a more stable advanced alternative, don’t miss the GB WhatsApp Pro latest version—continue reading this article to explore more about GB WhatsApp!

What is GB WhatsApp Pro

What Is GB WhatsApp Pro

GB WhatsApp Pro is one of the many mods of the original WhatsApp, but it is more than just a simple upgrade to the original WhatsApp. It comes with many innovative exclusive features that you cannot experience directly on the original WhatsApp. Currently, GB WhatsApp Pro is maintained by two development teams, namely Alex Mods | HeyMods, which has released GB WhatsApp Pro V17.85, and Fouad Mods, which has released GB WhatsApp Pro V10.10. Since GB WhatsApp Pro cannot be directly downloaded from the Google Play Store, finding a reliable and secure download link is crucial.

However, this official website perfectly solves this problem. As the GB WhatsApp Pro official website, we provide a secure and ad-free GB WhatsApp Pro App. Download GB WhatsApp Pro APK here to have a perfect GB WhatsApp Pro experience!

Available GB WhatsApp Pro APK Download

Now, there are two available versions of the latest GB WhatsApp Pro: the GB WhatsApp Pro V17.85 series maintained and updated by AlexMods | HeyMods, and the GB WhatsApp Pro V10.10 maintained and updated by Fouad Mods. Users can choose to download any version of the GB WhatsApp Pro APK based on their preferences. These two versions do not differ significantly in terms of functionality; the main distinction lies in the update frequency, depending on the respective development teams. In the table below, you can find the exact version information for GB WhatsApp Pro V17.85 and GB WhatsApp Pro V10.10:

GB WhatsApp Pro V17.85 Modified by AlexMods | HeyMods

GB WhatsApp Pro V17.85
Updated onone week ago
Requires Android5.1 and up
Offered byAlexMods | HeyMods
Size70.3 MB
In-app purchasesFree

GB WhatsApp Pro V17.85 Changelog

✅Integration of Ghost Mode
✅Addition of See Message Edit History feature
✅Inclusion of an option to Show/Hide Ghost Mode Icon
✅Implementation of an option to display Night/Light Icon on the Home screen
✅Introduction of Custom Media Download Control for each chat
✅Integration of WhatsApp Old UI Style (MOD Settings > Home > Header > Home UI Style)
✅Enhancement of Anti-Ban Protection

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GB WhatsApp Pro V10.10 Modified by Fouad Mod

GB WhatsApp Pro V10.10
Updated onone week ago
Requires Android5.1 and up
Offered byFouad Mods
Size69 MB
In-app purchasesFree

GB WhatsApp Pro V10.10 Changelog

✨Added more robust anti-ban protection
🔧Fixed the 1-hour ban issue

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Comparing GB WhatsApp Pro 2024 with WhatsApp 2024

In the table below, you can visualise the comparison between GB WhatsApp Pro 2024 and WhatsApp 2024 to help you understand the strengths of GB WhatsApp Pro 2024 more quickly.

Feature2024 GB WhatsApp Pro2024 WhatsApp
Media Sharing1 GB25 MB
Customise layouts4000+2
Make audio and video calls
View once download
Status downloads
Freeze last view
Hide profile picture
Disable blue tick mark
Download profile picture
Flight Mode
Restrict callers
Update notifications
Change chat colour
Change font
Ghost Mode

Should I choose to download GB WhatsApp Pro or the original WA?

For users seeking greater flexibility and more features, the GB WhatsApp Pro latest version is undoubtedly your best choice. It not only breaks various limitations present in the original WA but also offers a rich set of exclusive features waiting for you to explore. For those who want to design their own WhatsApp theme styles, GB WhatsApp Pro is also definitely your first choice. You can find countless themes in the GB WhatsApp Pro theme library, and there’s always one to meet your needs. Additionally, the GB WhatsApp Pro latest version provides an upgraded anti-ban feature and robust security and privacy protection, ensuring that your data and chat records are preserved without a hitch.

Of course, if you only need basic functionality, both the GB WhatsApp Pro latest version and the original WA are suitable for you. In that case, why not give GB WhatsApp Pro a chance? It can meet your basic and advanced needs. Choose to download GB WhatsApp Pro, and you won’t regret it.

GB WhatsApp Pro Latest Version Features

Exclusive Features Overview

Personalized Visual Experience

  • Revamp your visual experience with GB WhatsApp Pro, providing an array of themes available for download through GBTheme.
  • Personalize your background by setting your preferred image as wallpaper.
  • Tailor the font style, chat bubble color, and overall style according to your preferences.
  • Opt for a distinctive launcher icon style and notification icon style for the GB WhatsApp Pro App.
  • Adjust the colors of the background bar, status bar, and navigation bar to suit your taste.

Enhanced Confidentiality and Security

  • Leverage the call filter feature to block unwanted contacts and unfamiliar individuals.
  • Activate the integrated app lock for personalized privacy, ensuring the security of GB WhatsApp Pro Download 2024.
  • Anti-message deletion unveils deleted messages, guaranteeing no crucial details are overlooked.
  • Deactivate last view, blue double ticks, and input status to evade tracking.
  • Conceal your identity when perusing others’ statuses.
  • Omit forwarding tags when dispatching messages.
  • Keep your typing status hidden for an added layer of privacy.

Overcoming Sharing Constraints

  • Dispatch high-resolution images without any loss of quality.
  • Establish groups with a capacity of up to 500 users, surpassing the original WA’s limitation of 250.
  • Facilitate the sharing of various file formats and larger-sized files.
  • Simultaneously send up to 90 high-resolution images.
  • Transfer audio files of up to 100MB each.
  • Publish statuses with a duration of up to 7 minutes, outperforming the capabilities of WA users.

Excellent Function Showcase

Ghost Mod

In the GB WhatsApp Pro new version, you’ll notice a cute ghost icon in the upper right corner. This signifies that you can easily activate Ghost Mode with just one click! In the GB WhatsApp Pro old versions, you had to individually set whether to hide blue ticks, hide typing status, or freeze the last seen. However, with the addition of Ghost Mode, you can activate all these features with a single click using the adorable ghost icon button. Consequently, your contacts won’t be able to track your WhatsApp activity, allowing you to stay completely incognito on the internet.


Custom Media Download

You no longer have to worry about automatically downloaded media taking up too much phone storage! The GB WhatsApp Pro latest version empowers users with customization options. Once this feature is enabled, you can choose which media GB WhatsApp Pro automatically downloads, including photos, videos, audio, files, GIFs, and sticker expressions. This feature is particularly helpful for users with limited phone storage or those who prefer not to have chat app automatically occupy their personal phone memory space. Choose which media to automatically download based on your preferences!


Old Ul Style

For those users who appreciate the WhatsApp Old UI style, there’s exciting news! The GB WhatsApp Pro latest version has added the WhatsApp Old UI Style option in the Home UI Style section, giving you more freedom of choice. This update brings more possibilities for personalization, making your chat experience more unique and tailored to your preferences. Whether you prefer a more traditional and familiar design or lean towards a modern and novel look, you can find the homepage UI style that suits your taste in the settings.


Preparation Before Downloading GB WhatsApp Pro APK

Before you download GB WhatsApp Pro APK, make sure to prepare as follows to avoid installation failures.

  1. Ensure that your phone has a sufficiently large amount of internal storage.
  2. Confirm a stable network connection.
  3. Make sure you are downloading GB WhatsApp Pro APK latest version from this official website (to avoid issues such as incomplete installation packages or packages that cannot be opened).
  4. Ensure that the option to install from unknown sources is enabled in your phone’s system settings.

Be sure to check these four aspects before installation. Afterward, you can enjoy a smooth installation experience of GB WhatsApp Pro APK, akin to the silky texture of chocolate!

How to Download GB WhatsApp Pro APK?

  1. Click the button below to download GB WhatsApp Pro APK official version (You can choose to open our official website on your computer, download GB WhatsApp Pro APK, and transfer it to your phone; or directly open the official website on your phone, download GB WhatsApp Pro APK, and install it directly).
  2. Locate the downloaded WhatsApp GB Pro APK on your phone, click on it, and then follow the prompts by clicking “Next.”
  3. If you have enabled the “Install from unknown sources” function during the preparation stage, simply follow the prompts and click the “Install” option. If you forgot to enable this function during the preparation stage, GB WhatsApp Pro will remind you to activate it before continuing with the installation.
  4. Wait patiently for the installation to complete; this may take a few seconds.
  5. After the installation is complete, you need to grant GB WhatsApp Pro some permissions on your phone, ensuring you have a complete GB WhatsApp Pro experience.
  6. Choose your language.
  7. Select your country and region, and enter the corresponding phone number.
  8. Once this step is completed, you can officially start using the GB WhatsApp Pro latest version!

How to Update GB WhatsApp Pro?

There are two types to update GB WhatsApp Pro, you can refer to the corresponding tips according to your own situation.

Scenario 1: If you have not downloaded GB WhatsApp Pro old versions from this official website:

  • Step 1: Visit this official website to check if the GB WhatsApp Pro latest version is available for download, taking the first step to explore the cutting-edge features of GB WhatsApp Pro.
  • Step 2: If there is a new version, seize the opportunity to download latest GB WhatsApp Pro APK directly from this website and seamlessly install it on your mobile device. Additionally, upgrading GB WhatsApp Pro becomes effortless because you don’t need to uninstall the previous version; the new version will automatically overwrite the old one.
  • Step 3: Once completed, follow the provided instructions to log in to the enhanced GB WhatsApp Pro. You can also choose to restore your previous chat records, ensuring the secure transfer of your data to the GB WhatsApp Pro new version.

Scenario 2: If you have already downloaded GB WhatsApp Pro old versions from this official website:

  • If you are using the GB WhatsApp Pro from this official website, simply click on “Update” in the “Settings” to ensure you are always up-to-date with the latest enhancements. If prompted for an update, follow the on-screen instructions to proceed!

Why should I keep GB WhatsApp Pro update?

1. Updating GB WhatsApp Pro ensures you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

With the cutting-edge GB WhatsApp Pro latest version, you can experience the pinnacle of messaging excellence. The dedicated development teams, AlexMods | HeyMods, and Fouad Mods tirelessly enhance and optimize GB WhatsApp Pro to guarantee that users of the latest version won’t face compatibility issues with their phone’s operating system, preventing installation failures.

2. Updating GB WhatsApp Pro lets you be among the first to experience a range of fresh features.

Both development teams of GB WhatsApp Pro are committed to providing users with the best possible experience. Therefore, they continually innovate new features to help users stay engaged and enjoy a sense of novelty.

3. Updating GB WhatsApp Pro provides you with a more stable anti-ban solution.

If you want a stable and smooth GB WhatsApp Pro experience without losing your data, updating GB WhatsApp Pro to the latest version is your top choice. With each update, GB WhatsApp Pro takes a significant leap forward, offering reliable anti-ban features and user privacy protection.

GB WhatsApp Pro Latest Version – Backup and Restore

GB WhatsApp Pro Latest Version – Backup and Restore

  • Navigate to the top right corner, click on the three dots, and select “Settings” at the bottom.
  • Click on “Chat” and then select “Chat Backup” at the bottom of the page. Wait a moment, and your GB WhatsApp Pro chat will be successfully backed up.
  • Return to the chat page, click on the top right corner’s three dots.
  • Select “Mods” at the top and find “Universal.”
  • Locate “Backup and Restore,” where you can back up your GB WhatsApp Pro data and media separately.
  • Click on “Backup WhatsApp Data” and wait for the data backup to complete.
  • Click “Backup” at the bottom of WhatsApp Media and wait for the media backup to complete.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully backed up all your GB WhatsApp Pro data. Now, you can bid farewell to the worry of unintentional data loss and safeguard your memories without any financial loss.

Recovering GB WhatsApp Pro Data

Recovering your GB WhatsApp Pro data is a breeze! Follow these simple steps.

  • Click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner, find the “Mods” option, and click on it.
  • Select “Universal” and click on it. Here, you’ll find “Backup and Restore,” click on it again.
  • Click on “Restore WhatsApp Data” to restore your recently saved WhatsApp data.
  • Click “RESTORE NOW” to confirm. If the backup process redirects you to the home page, don’t worry; it’s normal.
  • Click “Restore” to recover media, links, files, etc. If redirected, select “Backup and Restore” again to complete the restoration process.
  • Click “OK” to confirm. Voila! All your WhatsApp data is successfully recovered!

GB WhatsApp Pro Screenshot

Get a quick feel for the changes brought about by GB WhatsApp Pro with the images below!


GB WhatsApp Pro FAQs

Is GB WhatsApp Pro free?

Yes, GB WhatsApp Pro is completely free. You can download GB WhatsApp Pro for free from this official website, and there is no need to purchase any features within the GB WhatsApp Pro app.

Does GB WhatsApp Pro have ads?

No, GB WhatsApp Pro does not contain ads. If you encounter ads after installing the GB WhatsApp Pro APK you downloaded, please uninstall it promptly and download the safe and reliable GB WhatsApp Pro APK from this official website.

Where can I download GB WhatsApp Pro for Android?

You can download GB WhatsApp Pro for Android from this official website, it is completely free and reliable!

Which is better GB WhatsApp or GB WhatsApp pro?

GB WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp Pro have the same development teams: Alex Mods | HeyMods and Fouad Mods. Therefore, these two apps share many similarities in terms of functionality. They don’t have a clear advantage or disadvantage; it depends on the user’s individual preferences and usage habits. Additionally, after installing either of these applications, you can still install other WA Mods on the same device. So, if you’re undecided about whether to choose GB WhatsApp or GB WhatsApp Pro, why not download and try both to see which one suits you better?

Is GB WhatsApp Pro free?Is GB WhatsApp Pro safe?

It is absolutely safe. GB WhatsApp Pro 2024, while inheriting the end-to-end encrypted communication from the original WA, has developed its own security and privacy protection system. For instance, you can individually add a password lock and prevent received photos/videos from appearing in the gallery, among other features. It can be said that GB WhatsApp Pro provides dual security protection.

What is the purpose of using GB WhatsApp Pro?

Users use GB WhatsApp Pro for various reasons, and here we summarize the three most commonly mentioned ones:

  • To use different themes and make their GB WhatsApp Pro interface more diverse.
  • To avoid the limitations of the original WA and have more options to choose from.
  • To experience exclusive features with higher permissions.
How can I download GB WhatsApp Pro update?

You can stay informed about the latest news and download GB WhatsApp Pro updates by following this official website. This official site is dedicated to providing users with secure and reliable latest GB WhatsApp Pro download links.

How can I update my GB WhatsApp Pro to latest version?

You can update GB WhatsApp Pro to the latest version by using the update button below.

What is the best site for GB WhatsApp Pro?

Undoubtedly, the official website of GB WhatsApp Pro – – is the best website for it. This is because it provides safe and reliable GB WhatsApp Pro downloads and is also the first to update any first-hand information about GB WhatsApp Pro!

Why is GB WhatsApp Pro not installing?

The common reasons why GB WhatsApp Pro fails to install are as follows:

  1. Insufficient mobile phone memory
  2. Unstable internet connection
  3. The downloaded GB WhatsApp Pro APK is old version
  4. Downloaded unofficial GB WhatsApp Pro APK
  5. Do not enable allow installation of unknown sources
  6. GB WhatsApp Pro APK has error transferring from computer to mobile phone

The above are the common reasons summarised based on user reviews, you can check them one by one against your own situation.

What do I do when GB WhatsApp Pro won’t install?

When the installation of GB WhatsApp Pro fails, there’s no need to worry. Follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Check if your internet connection is stable.
  2. Verify if your phone has sufficient memory. If not, delete some apps to free up space for GB WhatsApp Pro.
  3. Make sure you downloaded GB WhatsApp Pro APK latest version from this official website.
  4. Ensure that you have allowed installation from unknown sources.
  5. Try reinstalling the GB WhatsApp Pro APK latest version.

By following these steps, you should be able to successfully install GB WhatsApp Pro latest version.

Can I use GB WhatsApp Pro in iPhone?

Due to the mobile system characteristics, GB WhatsApp Pro is only available on Android mobile phones for the time being. The good news is that the developers are working on it, so stay tuned

About Us is an official website dedicated to the original WA Mods – GB WhatsApp Pro. We not only provide GB WhatsApp Pro official download, but also help you with professional staff. Click here to contact us or leave your comments in the comment section below.

We sincerely wish you have a 5-star experience using GB WhatsApp Pro 2024, and the official website will be there for you all the way.

Last Words

To sum up, you can know more about the charm of the GB WhatsApp Pro latest version. As one of the original WA Mods, it not only breaks through the original limitations, but also introduces many useful functions to meet users’ needs in all aspects. Dual R&D teams have made GB WhatsApp Pro even more advanced and far ahead of other WA Mods, and no fees and no ads have made GB WhatsApp Pro even more acceptable. Don’t be confused, just click the button below to download GB WhatsApp Pro and it will satisfy all your needs. It’s an application that combines utility and aesthetics that you should have right away.

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